Get a new perspective on your business, historic building, country club, construction site, etc. with video from above.

The perspective of a drone offers a birds-eye, sweeping view with a sense of motion and grandeur not previously affordable to small business.

NCTV17 has FAA certified drone pilots licensed for commercial use. We use Yuneec Drones that capture high definition 1920 x 1080 or 4K recordings which deliver crisp, detailed video images.

Our drone packages includes:

  • 5 shots of your facility, club, campus, etc.
    • Each from a different angle
    • All taken on the same day within a one hour session
    • Location within 15 miles of the station
  • Two options available:
    • Clips are delivered as five stand-alone mp4 files without music. Cost: $250
    • Clips are edited together into one continuous video with music bed. Cost: $350

Check out examples of our work below and contact us today to learn how we can showcase your business from the air with our drone videography services.

Package Cost: $250-$350