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North Central College Football vs. Carroll // 10.19.19

Sunny, autumn day in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where the North Central Cardinals march into Schneider Field to face off against Carroll. Cardinals 4-1, Pioneers 1-4… North Central has won the last 6 meets between the two schools

First Quarter

Opening drive and NCC is taking out the big boy bat and aiming for the fences. Broc Rutter winding up and delivering a shot to Andrew Kamienski – good from 33 yards out. Extra point attempt would fail.

Pioneers looking to answer but captain Bryan Beauchamp setting the edge and turning back the effort by Isaac Allen. That’s a loss of two.

But after a long pass play, Carroll quarterback Michael Johnson is setting his sights deep over the middle and finds David Meza, who rumbles his way all the way to the goal line.

After a pair of illegal motion penalties, Carroll is backs up to the 10 yard line. And Beauchamp still isn’t giving an inch – Cardinals keep the Pioneers from exploring the endzone – so it’s 6-3 with 5:11 to go in the first quarter.

Cardinals once again attacking a Pioneer defense that comes in allowing a little under 35 points a game. The quick out to Kamienski gets 11 in space – and he does the rest – streaking up the sideline and setting North Central up in the Red Zone.

Ethan Greenfield – he’ll take it the rest of the way. The sophomore back putting the Pioneers through the spin cycle – and then leaves em out to dry. North Central now leads 13-6 with 2 minutes to go in the first quarter

Second Quarter

First offensive drive of the second quarter, Rutter rolling out right – and he finds Alex Rose on the crossing route – and the big tight end showing off the wheels! He’s going to go all the way… but! Cards flagged for an ineligible blocker downfield – so it’s called back.

Very next play – Greenfield gets the rock… and he’s off like a rocket. He isn’t touched – but he will surely be out of breath. 91 yards to the house! Second rushing score on the day – he piles up 137 yards on the day.

Cardinal defense still amping up the pressure on Johnson and the Pioneers offense – Cameron Martin and Isaih Ziegler get in there to take the QB down.

And NCC even create turnovers – Johnson throws one up to the near sideline – and Jake Beesley is all over it. The former wide receiver plucks it out of the air. 2nd pick of the season.

North Central far from done on offense – somehow – even with all the attention on him, Kamienski shakes free and is wide open – as he jogs in for another touchdown – it’s 27-3.

Next possession and – if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Kamienski terrorizing the Pioneer secondary all day – finishes with three touchdowns to go along with 167 yards receiving. 11 scores now on the season.

Second Half

As for Rutter – his day is effectively over after this beauty to make sure Rose gets his six points. 84 is wide open over the middle – Rutter with 4 touchdown tosses on the day. NCC up 41-3 minutes into the second half.

And to seal the deal, Rafael Rios runs for three touchdowns in the second half includes this balancing act. NCC wins 62-3, moving to 5-1 on the season.

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