Trophy Generation

The old saying goes that you learn more from failure than success. Yet, today’s teenagers are reporting experiencing high anxiety and depression with the fear of failure being a key factor.

Local expert and father of three, Adam Russo, CEO of Edgewood Clinical Service and author of Unwritten Rules: Real Strategies to Parent Your Child into a Successful Adult, joins the Moms on set to talk about letting kids fail and learn how to handle the emotions that go with it.

Helping kids learn consequences for their actions and how to manage their own lives at appropriate stages can go a long way into them becoming healthy, happy, self-starting adults.

For more about Adam Russo’s book, watch his NCTV17 interview on Business Connection.  Russo was also a speaker at TEDx Naperville on The Importance of Failure. To watch his talk, visit:

The Moms

  • Dr. Cathy Subber
  • Saritha Arellano
  • Erica Lopez
  • Patti Minglin

Special Guest

  • Adam Russo, LCSW – Chairman & CEO of Edgewood Clinical Services

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