Managing Your Child’s Oral Health

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, 45% of all third graders have cavities. On this episode, the Moms navigate the topic of oral health with special guest, Dr. Manal Ibrahim of Innovative Orthodontic Centers. Dr Ibrahim, a mother of two, shares her expertise and encourages starting oral health as early as one year old to get your child on a positive track.

The Moms talk about how a bright and healthy smile can improve a person’s self confidence, especially as they enter junior high. Dr. Ibrahim adds that American Association of Orthodontists recommend the first visit to the orthodontist at seven years old to set a baseline for any future treatment.

The Moms

  • Dr. Cathy Subber
  • Saritha Arellano
  • Erica Lopez
  • Patti Minglin

Special Guest

  • Dr. Manal Ibrahim, Innovative Orthodontic Centers

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