What Can Your Birth Order Say About Your Personality?

What can your birth order say about your personality? Dr. Cathy Subber talks with her fellow Moms to see how birth order has affected them and their children.

“The first born tend to be reliable, structured, controlling, an achiever, likes a lot of attention, fear of failure, takes charge and can be CEO’s or founders of things,” says Subber.  “Middle children are described as people pleasers, feel left out, a little rebellious, they thrive on friendships, peacemakers that go with the flow, and they’re good at compromising.  The youngest child is more fun-loving, uncomplicated, they say they’re a little manipulative, outgoing, charming, and they take a lot of risks.”

The Oldest Child

Erica Lopez says, “I’m the oldest, and all of those things are true. I was the first to want to get a job, just chomping at the bit at 14. Let me make my own money,” said Erica.

Lindsay Chan says of her own children, “I think my own kids fit to those queues perfectly.  We have an almost five-year-old daughter and then a two-year-old son, and our daughter especially–she is five and has all the oldest child traits. ”

The Youngest Child

Grace Boland says, “While I am the youngest, I have four older brothers.  So I was raised differently as the only girl. While some of the personality traits apply to me, it’s not as true for me as it might be for someone else.”

Whether or not the order in which you were born in your family has shaped  you or your kids, there’s certainly a lot to talk about.

The Moms

  • Dr.Cathy Subber
  • Grace Boland
  • Lindsay Chan
  • Erica Lopez

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