Typical Toddlers or Something More?

Toddlers can be a handful for any parent. How do you know when your toddler is displaying normal behavior, versus when it might be something more? Dr. Alison Escalante from DuPage Medical Group joins the Moms to share her expertise with parents durning this troubling time.

Talking Toddler Tantrums

“To a certain extent most tantrums are normal,” said Dr. Escalante. “They have to be really extreme before they’re not. Toddlers are suddenly realizing that they have agency in the world, they can do things and make an impact, and maybe get stuff behind their parents’ back. It’s very exciting, and also very very overwhelming.”

Speaking about her own kids, Grace Boland says, “My little guy is our little Hulk.  He’s very aggressive, he loves to touch and tackle, and my oldest was never like that. So we do definitely check in with our pediatrician just to make sure, is this okay?”

Lindsay Chan says about her son, “If he’s having a tantrum, I say, ‘Eli, you’re having a tantrum, this is not okay. Let me know when you’re ready to talk about it.’ I kind of let him be, deal with it, feel out his feelings, and then we talk about it.”

Dr. Alison Escalante

Dr. Escalante is a Pediatrician with DuPage Medical Group and she has given a TED talk for TedX Naperville on “The Parenting ShouldStorm.” She’s written for Forbes and Psychology Today and is an Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics at Rush University. She attended Princeton and has been practicing in the Pediatrics field for 13 years.

DuPage Medical Group

DuPage Medical Group (DMG) was formed in 1999 from the joining of three healthcare groups in the western suburbs. They are now the largest and most successful independent multi-specialty physician group in Illinois. Their mission is to enhance the physical well being of the patients they serve by continuing to provide the highest quality medical care available.

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