At some point in time, every parent is confronted with sleepovers and how to decide what’s best for their kids. In this episode, the Moms discuss what works, what doesn’t and how to set guidelines.

It’s Not For Everyone

Sleepovers can often put kids in an uncomfortable situation if they’re not ready. Some children are itching to spend the night at a friends’ house while others prefer the comfort of their own home.

“I always loved sleepovers as a kid. But again, you have to realize your child is not always going to be like you,” said Erica.

“My daughter wanted a sleepover every day and my son was a junior in high school before he slept over at someone’s house,” said Patti.

Setting Guidelines

The Moms agree – guidelines are the key to a successful sleepover. You may be perceived as the ‘mean mom’ or ‘dad’, but sleep is the most important part of a sleepover. Guidelines set expectations, allow for a restful night and prevent any unsafe situation.

“You don’t want them to be tired and sometimes it’s beyond being tired and they don’t realize what the next day is going to feel like,” said Saritha.

“As my kids get older, I give them more and more freedom, even though it can be terrifying,” said Cathy.

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The Moms

  • Dr. Cathy Subber
  • Saritha Arellano
  • Erica Lopez
  • Patti Minglin

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