Finding Your Self Identity

Personal identity is informed by so many different things, not the least of which is being a parent.  On this episode the Moms discuss their journeys of discovery of their identity and self esteem.

“I spent my teens, twenties and thirties feeling pretty insecure,” said Dr. Cathy Subber. She went on to say”As I moved into my forties, I found a big dose of self-confidence,” said Subber

Identifying Your Identity

Grace Boland echoed Dr. Cathy’s sentiments, and added how the journey for your identity doesn’t happen over night and has ebbs and flows throughout different phases of your life.

“I for sure have gone through ups and downs of feeling really great and absolutely horrific. Being a mom I think you can experience everything all within 24 hours,” said Boland. “I remember feeling so insecure in high school, built some confidence in college and then I entered the workforce and was insecure again, because I was the new grad there, then slowly gained my confidence, and got married, got pregnant and had a child and again insecurity! So it’s a rollercoaster ride.” said Boland.

The Ever-Changing Course to Confidence

“It doesn’t stop in your teen years, there’s this myth that when you become an adult you’re going to finally figure it out but then you still feel like a kid sometimes,” said Patti Minglin. “Even at 51 there are moments where I still feel like the junior high girl in the lunchroom, looking for my group. Every once in a while, I don’t feel it all the time I should say before the counselors start calling me.” laughed Minglin.

“Motherhood, marriage, moving to a new city, it’s a reset and you’re constantly redefining yourself,” said Tiffany McQueen Lewis. “Having a daughter has really encouraged me to want to lead by example in terms of being proud and really just owning the skin that I’m in and what I have.” said Lewis.

The path to finding your identity and self worth is life long and all the Moms agree it is a worthwhile journey.

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