Physical Health During the Holidays

The start of the holiday season is known for healthy habits sliding off track and waistbands getting tighter. In this episode, the moms are joined by Dr. Alicia Martin from DuPage Medical Group to discuss ways to maintain physical health during the holidays.

Keep Health Habits on Track

The holidays are filled with eating large elaborate meals and mingling at holiday parties, but it’s important to set goals and stick to health and fitness routines. The season doesn’t have to be a vacation from good health. With a little effort and planning you can avoid the physical health pitfalls.

“We’re under a lot of stress. We’re hosting family for two weeks during this time. We’re not sleeping as much. We’re eating more sugar. We’re maybe drinking a little bit more, but trying to make sure that we’re keeping our bodies and our immune systems healthy,” said Dr. Cathy Subber.

Have a Plan

Experts suggest to start each day with a game plan. If you tend to overeat around the holidays, determine how much food you’re comfortable eating before you start, and stop eating when you’re full.

“I think some of it is even planning ahead, so eating before you even show up at the party. So having a meal so you’re not starving and then eat all of the Cheetos,” Dr. Alicia Martin, a family practitioner with DuPage Medical Group.

“I’ll bring a dish that I know is on the healthier side,” said Grace Boland. “It might not be the most popular,  but if there are no other options, at least I brought something I know is semi-healthy that I can snack on. 9 times out of 10 everyone is kinda like excited about it and not knowing that it’s too healthy, so it works out really well.”

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