Parent Teacher Communication

You think you know your child, but a parent/teacher conference may change your mind.  On this episode, the Moms talk about parent teacher communication.

Saritha gets the conversation started by saying she takes any opportunity she has to communicate with her kids’ teachers. Saritha explains it’s always interesting to hear a different perspective on your child outside of the home.

Patti tells us how she includes her son in the conferences. Patti says she wasn’t always getting the right information from him, so she decided to get everyone on the same page.

As a former high school teacher, Erika explains that is known as triangle education theory of parent, teacher, and student communication. Parent/teacher conferences often are very front-loaded in kindergarten and elementary school, but goes down from there.

“There is a lot of attention on kids who are advance learners and those who are struggling, and not as much on the vast majority of kids in the middle,” say Cathy. She takes a more laid-back approach with her sons, letting them take ownership of their grades and homework.

All the Moms agree that teachers play a big part in their kids’ lives and parent, teacher, and student communication is one of the keys to school success.

The Moms

  • Dr. Cathy Subber
  • Saritha Arellano
  • Erica Lopez
  • Patti Minglin

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