Kids and Technology

On this episode of The Moms Network, the moms are joined by Sakina Fakhruddin of Codinu to discuss kids and technology.  How are children learning in a technology-driven culture?

Are kids exposed to too much technology?

“We need to use it in moderation,” cautions Fakhruddin. “And that’s why creating is also another aspect that we can use to encourage them to go into. But they are exposed to technology, they are using technology, but at the same time they are learning the aspect behind what goes behind the technology and that makes it interesting, and even if they spend an hour or more doing that, they’re actually learning a lot.

Active versus passive use of technology

“How do you get a child who is a passive user of technology, in the sense of watching videos or playing games, to get them to that next level of being an active user where they’re actually into coding or understanding behind the scenes?” asks Saritha Arellano. “That might be a happy medium for parents, so what can we do as parents to get them to be active users?”

“We get students of all kinds. You know kids are all very different,” Fakhruddin responds. “Some are not even into technology at all. So then you look at their interests. Do they like to watch movies or YouTube videos, and teaching them how to make a movie, or an animated movie, like claymations, where you actually make characters with clay and shoot a video with it. So you’re animating clay things and actually coding at the back—a little bit of coding and you’re combining their interests.” There are so many different ways for students to apply technology, that according to Fakhruddin, “It’s not necessary that they sit in front a computer in front of a black screen and type in code.”

Future Trends

Kids and technology are two things that are always growing and changing.  Patti Minglin asks, “What kind of trends and things do you see over the next five years that will change with just the technology?”

“I think the way they’re learning things now is rapidly changing. If you think about it in the last ten years My son is nine, my daughter is 2, and there is a huge difference in just those seven years. The way she is, she has no idea of a world without technology. There’s Alexa… Alexa is at the beck and call of my two-year-old! So things are going to rapidly change, so I think we just need to step back a little sometimes and take a break sometimes.”

About Codinu Founder and CEO, Sakina Fakhruddin

Sakina launched Codinu to pursue her passion for education and coding; and to provide and promote an all-inclusive, fun and collaborative environment for kids to learn to code. Being a mom, she believes in empowering every child to change the world through code.

Prior to founding Codinu, Sakina was a Senior Consultant at Corporate Technology Solutions, Milwaukee WI. She started her career at IBM as a Software Engineer. She holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Sakina is actively involved with organizations like Girls Who Code and

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