Mom Bod

The Mom Bod is often a negative connation given to women after childbirth whose bodies haven’t return to what society thinks is a slim and attractive state. On this episode of The Moms Network, the Mom’s have a different definition and discussion.

“Every Mom has a different experience with pregnancy, child birth and how their bodies recover after birth,” says Dr. Cathy Subber as she starts the conversation.

Health and Wellness and the Mom Bod

“I was my healthiest when I was pregnant,” adds Erica Lopez, that’s when the selfless Mom persona starts from the second you find out you’re pregnant.”

The Moms agree that often after pregnancy they don’t continue their self-care because of the new responsibilities of a baby. The first year of a new baby is a time of great change. Grace Boland suggests all Moms need to remember, “it’s about you and your experience and the season that allows for that change and the time to feel like yourself again after childbirth.”

Focus on You

The Moms offer the advice of continuing to focus on health and be confident and grateful for their bodies rather than focusing on the outward appearance of the “perfect body.”


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The Moms

  • Dr. Cathy Subber
  • Patti Miglin
  • Erica Lopez
  • Grace Boland

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