Family Planning

Family planning services allow parents to achieve desired birth spacing and family size, and contribute to improved health outcomes for children and women. In this episode, the moms are joined by Dr. Kathryn Gordon of DuPage Medical Group to discuss the benefits and challenges of family planning.

Avoiding Unintended Pregnancy

Dr. Gordon and the moms discuss their experience with birth control methods, from birth control pills, to diaphragms, to IUDs. They also share some of the factors that went into their decision to wait and start a family.

“Women are delaying pregnancy for their careers or getting married later,” said Dr. Gordon.

“We chose to wait awhile just because we weren’t ready and were enjoying being together and being married,” added Tess Kossow.

It’s All About Timing

While there is no perfect time to start a family, there are a few ways to figure out when it might be a good time to start having children.

“I’ve had this stuck in my head that I wanted to be done having kids before I was 30. I don’t know why, I just made that up. There was no rhyme or reason to it,” said Lindsay Chan.

“For us, it was just the simple timing of when I met my partner and then feeling a little bit of the pressure to rock and roll in case things did not go according to plan,” added Erica Lopez.

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