Emotional Health During the Holidays

This season is meant to bring feelings of love and cheer, but it can also bring unwelcome guests – stress and depression. In this episode, the moms are joined by Dr. Alicia Martin from DuPage Medical Group to share a few tips on balancing your emotional health during the holidays.

Acknowledge Your Emotional Health

Whether it’s through a network of friends, colleagues or professionals, the moms agree it’s important to address these feelings.

“We all know we struggle, right? And it takes a village to help each other out. So I’m finding, especially around the holidays, there’s a lot of funny memes and people are just a little more light-hearted about the fact that moms try to do it all very quickly in a very tight window, and it’s just not possible,” said Grace Boland.

“Every emotion you have gets condensed into like the six-week holiday period and all of that emotional stress, I mean it affects us physically,” added Patti Minglin.

Take a Breather

The holidays can be abnormally stressful, especially for moms. Between balancing a family’s normal routine and planning for holiday activities, the moms suggest setting time aside for yourself and let others share in the responsibility of planning activities.

“Stress becomes big because we’ve overbooked, and it’s okay to say ‘no’. It’s okay to say ‘I can’t commit to that’ or ‘You know what, I am going to bring that tray from Jewel and that is okay’,” said Dr. Alicia Martin, a family practitioner with DuPage Medical Group.

“Being a mom to teenagers, I feel like our kids are watching us. How are we managing our schedules and stress?  So I think it’s important to set a good example for our kids too,” added Saritha Arellano.

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