Blended Families

On this episode of The Mom’s Network Dr. Cathy Subber and the moms talk about blended families, and how everyone has a family culture that is completely their own. Erica, Lindsay and Saritha and Dr. Subber all have blended families in different ways, and they compare and contrast their shared experiences and unique perspectives on being a part of a blended family and what that has meant to them.

“You all have families with blended nationalities as a common thread,” said Dr. Cathy Subber. She went on to say “I have a blended family due to divorce, and while my ex-husband and I don’t come from different cultures, we’re both divorced so that provides a very different perspective on raising kids, and both of our different parenting styles,” said Subber.

Raising a Blended Family

Different parenting styles are can be a part of any blended family, as Saritha shared with the group when talking about her experiences. “My family is from India and my husband’s family is Italian-American from the east coast so not just the nationalities but even our upbringing was very different,” said Saritha. “My daughter actually just wrote her college thesis on coming from a blended family, and it gave me a really good perspective on how for her, it was a lot of times of being at crossroads. I personally was raised as a first generation American from an immigrant family, where my husband grew up with a single mom so for my dauther is was about navigating what parts does she want to take from different side of the family,” said Saritha.

Lindsay added that similar themes of parenting are echoing in her family, even as her kids are at a young age. “Our daughter is definitely taking after her father, who went to boarding school at a young age with a commitment to achieving. Our daughter is all about success and being a people pleaser, and that is how my husband was raised in his family,” said Lindsay.

Blended Backgrounds

Erica added that her kids are also young, so as parents her and her husband have not had to have any “hard-hitting” conversations about cultural backgrounds yet. But they still teach their kids the history, culture and stories that have informed both sides of their family. “We teach our kids the importance of understanding the stories of their grandparents and where they came from. They know where Grandpa Lopez came from, how old he was when he came from there and the struggles that he dealt with and where my father came from, at what age and why both of them left their countries to come here,” said Erica. “As they get a little bit older we talk about checking boxes on standardized tests, it’ll be an interesting conversation when that comes, but we’re lucky to live in a diverse community that is able to help us navigate that conversation,” said Erica.

Whether blended or not, family is a family and every one has a different story to tell.

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