Benefits of Trade School

Educational options are more diverse than ever, but the benefits of trade school are often overlooked. In this episode, the moms are joined by TJ Jarman, Training Director of DuPage County JATC,  to discuss the value of vocational training.

Less Time

One of the major benefits of trade school is saving time. Unlike traditional two- or four-year colleges, trade schools specialize in degrees and certificates that get students out of the classroom and on the job faster.

“There’s nothing better than having that practical training as you are in school to really have a good insight of what that job is going to feel like once you’re done through the program,” said Saritha Arellano.

Less Money

It costs the average American $127,000 to earn their bachelor degree. At a trade school, it costs the student an average of $33,000 to earn their degree.

“Coming into our school, financially, it’s tuition-free and I put you to work right away, so you’re working as you go to school. You have a wage compensation package that’s already set up for you,” said TJ Jarman, Training Director of DuPage County JATC.

Job Security

There’s a growing demand for high-precision skills. According to Forbes, skilled trade workers are a disproportionately older population, creating increased opportunities for young workers to fill their shoes.

“Today, to come out with $60,000 in debt right off the bat and no jobs secured for you, I just think it’s something to pause and think about,” added Dr. Cathy Subber.

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