Allergies and Your Kids

On this episode of The Moms Network, the moms discuss allergies with Dr. Danielle Cooling from DuPage Medical Group.

Allergies and Your Kids

Dr. Cathy Subber questioned whether part of the seeming rise in allergies was because of the emphasis in keeping things clean, and not letting kids get as dirty as in the past.

“It makes a lot of sense because of course a lot of our allergies are what we consider like IGE mediated which means, our IGEs are antibodies that recreate against the allergens,” responded Dr. Cooling. “Your body’s trying to fight it off, and so the more you’re exposed to that allergen you’re going to hopefully protect your body about creating the bad antibodies or the bad reaction we should say to those allergens. So it makes sense if you’re exposed to it more that way. We definitely have seen that trend, when I worked more inner city to suburbs, you’re definitely seeing, you definitely see more allergies in the suburbs than you do in the inner city.”

The Current Trend is to Start Exposure to Potential Allergens Early

“Definitely in the beginning of my training it was more like introduce foods later and try to avoid creating allergies in kids, particularly food allergies,” said Dr. Cooling. “And then now it’s more introducing foods at a younger and younger age. So now we’re encouraging as young as four months, six months old, and exposing them to your, you know, solid foods, and including even things like peanut butter and there’s now snacks and things like that you can do, like baby snacks now that have the peanut butter or nut powder on them to get them exposed at a younger age. So the thought is now if you expose them younger, there’s less of a risk.”

She added, “We still kind of tread lightly where there’s a lot of allergies in the family of how young we want them to start because of the potential for reaction. Although it isn’t necessarily a genetic thing, we do see trends in families.”

When Do Pediatricians Refer Patients to Allergists?

According to Dr. Cooling, allergists are brought in

  • If the symptoms are difficult to manage
  • If over the counter medications aren’t doing the trick
  • If there are recurrent sinus infections which have required frequent antibiotic usage

The two options used for advanced testing are typically a blood test or a skin test.

Dr. Danielle Cooling

Dr. Cooling earned her M.D. from Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine. She did her residency in pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Her philosophy of care is to treat her patients as if they were her own children, to put parents concerns at ease, and to provide the best care possible. Cooling has two sons, 5-year-old Luke, and 7-month-old Jacob.

DuPage Medical Group

DuPage Medical Group (DMG) was formed in 1999 from the joining of three healthcare groups in the western suburbs. They are now the largest and most successful independent multi-specialty physician group in Illinois. Their mission is to enhance the physical well being of the patients they serve by continuing to provide the highest quality medical care available.

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