In May 2018 the YMCA kicked off their annual “Strong Kids” Campaign to support their goal of never turning anyone away for an inability to pay. This mission is at the heart of the YMCA, a community organization that has served Naperville for more than 100 years.

For those of us who live in Naperville, we have many resources that make it a wonderful place. The Naperville YMCA is one of those resources, bringing people together, strengthening relationships and helping kids and families live a healthier, happier life. But many people in Naperville don’t have such an easy time of it.

  • There’s the family who lost a job or a company and are in financial tatters.
  • There’s the newly divorced mom going back to work who needs child care but lacks the funds to pay for it.
  • There’s the veteran who needs regular exercise but whose benefits don’t cover it.
  • There’s the parents of a special needs adult seeking to improve social and motor skills for their child who lacks income.
  • There’s the low income mom who is just trying to find a place where her kids are off the street all summer.
  • There’s the fixed income senior trying to maintain mobility and stay connected with friends.

These are real people with real needs, and they live in Naperville. They are also a few examples of the individuals the Naperville YMCAs serve on a daily basis. In 2017 the Y provided more than $450,000 in financial assistance to youth and families in need. Without the Y, local families would not have access to affordable child care, summer camp, swim lessons and so much more.

The YMCA is hoping that together with the community’s support they can help create a better tomorrow, today for those in need.

To learn more, visit the YMCA website.

Spotlight Guests:

Tom Carroll, Strong Kids Campaign Co-Chair
MaryAnn Bobosky,Strong Kids Campaign Co-Chair


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