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Michael Gustafson died in 2013 of medullablastoma. When Michael knew he wasn’t going to beat brain cancer for himself, he wanted to beat it for someone else and together with his family he founded The Swifty Foundation dedicated to funding research for Pediatric Brain Cancer – the number one cancer killer among kids in America.  As Michael said, “I’m going to give my life up in order to see if we can find a cure.” It was his idea to be a tissue donor. Michael called it his “master plan.”

There is not enough information about Pediatric Brain Cancer so without a deeper understanding of the biology behind brain tumors, doctors can’t improve the treatments.  However tissue donation is difficult. This is why the youth-led organization is continuing to push Michael’s plan; raising money to fund critical children’s cancer research and traveling to Washington, D.C. to lobby lawmakers in support of legislation designed to ensure children’s cancer research gets the same attention and funding as research for adult cancers.

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Matt Braner, Board Member
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