The Resiliency Institute

The Resiliency Institute (TRI) uses permaculture education and design to foster nature and human connection, grow food security, and build resilient communities. Permaculture is an ecological and ethics based philosophy for designing resilient lifestyles, landscapes, and communities that care for people, care for the earth, and care for the future.

The Resiliency Institute offers a variety of classes and courses that teach people how nature can nourish the mind, body and spirit. Take courses like Permaculture Forest Gardener, Bioregional Herbalism, and Edible Wild Plants. Join their certified guides for Nature Rx with Shinrin-yoku/Forest Therapy, and Forest Yoga.

Together with other community partners TRI is addressing the issue of food security and community resilience through the installation of edible forest gardens and fruit tree guilds.

For more information or to sign up for a class, visit their website.

Spotlight Guests:

Michelle Hickey, Co-founder
Jodi Trendler, Co-founder


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