The Merry Tutor

The Merry Tutor provides free tutoring to K-12 students and offers high school students the opportunity to volunteer as tutors.  The mission is to provide tutees with an approachable learning environment and to offer tutors a way to develop valuable leadership skills.

The concept is simple — students helping students.

The Merry Tutor currently has three chapters (Naperville, Aurora, and Bolingbrook) and they generally tutor in a community’s local library by the teen section or at a designated teen center. The organization offers drop-in free tutoring, so no appointments are necessary. Students can stop by any time during the hours of operation for assistance so families do not need to preschedule. The group operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tutoring sessions are capped at 30 minutes so if there is an overflow of tutees, there is never more than a 15 minute wait time.

Students bring the materials they would like to work on to the tutoring session, so the tutors can more effectively target specific areas. Generally, these materials are homework assignments, in-class worksheets, and school textbooks.

As founder and E.D., Jane Boettcher, gets ready to graduate high school and move on to college, she has established a student-led Board to ensure a smooth transition and ensure the sustainability of the organization going forward. Her goal is to replicate the system of The Merry Tutor in other communities around the country.

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Spotlight Guests:

Jane Boettcher, Founder & Executive Director
Sangavi Subramani, Naperville Chapter Tutor Manager

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