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The Fig Factor Foundation is dedicated to giving vision, direction, and structure to young Latinas. The goal of the organization, founded in 2014 by Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, is to become a powerful catalyst for Latinas ages 15-25 to pursue their dreams.

The four step program empowers Latinas to pursue their passion and activate their dreams by providing educational leadership platforms, mentorship and powerful experiences through a context of sisterhood. The following four steps are used:

ACTIVATE: The CORE PROGRAM allows young Latinas to create a solid foundation through identifying and studying the 8 fig factors based on The Fig Factor book (discovery, wisdom, humility, persistence, vulnerability, vision, awareness and passion) in the 2‐day course.

RECEIVE: The MENTOR PROGRAM provides each graduate with a female mentor that will support them for six months with monthly meetings and regular check‐in calls. Volunteer mentors are part of a team of caring adults that bring new ideas, encourage positive development and help participants define their goals and identify action to take. Graduates become accountable through sustaining support.

GROW: Each graduate takes part in the SUPPORT PROGRAM. The program includes access to new experiences through scholarships and local partnerships. This step creates a connection between the graduate, the community and its opportunities. The results are expanded network and circle of influence.

SHARE: There’s power in passion and commitment. The GIVE BACK PROGRAM allows each graduate to make a difference in their lives by supporting causes that matter most to them. This empowering step is a chance to pay it forward and improve our world. It is also a key to becoming a successful citizen in our society and expanding the possibilities for our future Latina leaders.

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Spotlight Guests:

Gabriela Rodil, Treasurer & Board Member
Irene Balado-Anzola, Board Member

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