Saybrook Swim and Racquet Club

Saybrook Swim & Racquet Club is a non profit club located on the northside of Naperville in the Saybrook neighborhood. The club is run by an elected Board of Directors which meets each month.  The facility features two tennis courts as well as a heated 6 lane swimming pool.

Saybrook has a competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for kids of all ages and abilities. The goal of the team is to provide every member with an opportunity to improve their swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability.  The team also provides kids and families with a fun way to spend time together while staying healthy.

The Saybrook Sharks swim team is a part of the Naperville Swim Conference which includes 22 local neighborhood club teams and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The conference is one of the largest volunteer-run swim conferences in the country! For more on that story, click here.

To find out more about becoming a member of the Saybrook club and/or to join the swim team, visit:

Spotlight Guests:

Ruthy O’Malley, Head Coach of Swim Team
Jenine Hanson, President of Saybrook Swim Team


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