Pull-up Bars For Patriots

Pull-up Bars for Patriots establishes permanent memorials by raising sets of pull-up bars to honor fallen service members while encouraging physical fitness in communities across the United States.

Founded by former United States Marine, Gregory Kantz, Pull-Up Bars for Patriots was born out of a desire to pay tribute to fallen service members in a unique way. The fallen service men and women whom these bars honor knew the importance of physical fitness, determination and dedication. When a set of pull-up bars go up, it honors the lost, while encouraging members of the public to do pull-ups, even just one, in remembrance.

Pull-Up Bars for Patriots is raising the first set of bars in conjunction with the Wheaton Park District in remembrance of LCpl. Nicholas Larson.  The bars will be placed at Rathje Park in Wheaton, IL, a park Nick played in as a child before entering the Marine Corps after high school.

For more information, visit the website at: http://www.pullupbarsforpatriots.org/

Spotlight Guests:

Gregory Kantz, Director & Founder
Erik Kantz, Officer & Secretary

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