Operation Support Our Troops – America

Operation Support Our Troops – America (OSOT) was founded in 2003 and has become one of the largest volunteer-based military support organizations in the country. With over 500 volunteers donating more than 10,000 hours of service each year.

The mission of OSOT is to support the morale and well being of American forces by providing comfort, resources and education to them and their families both while they are deployed in harm’s way and after their return. By providing a link between the citizens and military personnel, the organization gives everyone an opportunity to express their support by sending comfort packages of items that are not readily available to America’s troops in their deployed locations, along with personal letters, cards and notes of support.

Operation Support Our Troops ~America strictly adheres to Department of Defense standards and guidelines with respect to mailing/sending packages to our Troops overseas:

  • They do not send unsolicited packages
  • Every package sent is at the request of a military person or their loved one
  • OSOT does not publicize in any way or pass on to any person or organization the names that are given to them

One of the other programs OSOT created is “Leap of Faith.” This three day seminar and healing experience is based on the idea that those families of fallen service members could live life fully and in a way that honors the life of their service member, despite their terrible loss.

The seminar teaches new ideas about the grieving process, coping skills to keep moving forward, healthy living and encourages participants to strive to make a difference in the country their loved one had sacrificed his/her life for. Dr. Doug McKinley, a licensed clinical psychologist, leads the seminar portion with a specific emphasis on post traumatic growth. The experiential portion of the seminar encourages participants to explore feelings they may have cut off throughout the grieving process.

As part of the seminar, attendees also have the option to take a literal “Leap of Faith” in the form of a tandem skydive with members of The All Veteran Parachute Team, led by retired Army Golden Knight Team Leader Mike Elliott.

OSOT America covers all expenses for the participant and a support person, with the exception of travel. For more information on Leap of Faith please call (630) 971-1150 or email GoldStar@osotAmerica.org.

To help raise money to support their activities, OSOT-America will host Rockin’ for the Troops on July 14th at Northwestern Medicine Field, Kane County Cougar Music Garden in Geneva, IL. The following will be playing: 7th Heaven, Ayla Brown, Rockie Lynne, Ryan Weaver and The Voices.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at: http://osotamerica.wixsite.com/rockin2018

For more information about Operation Support Our Troops – America, visit their website.

Spotlight Guests:

Bill Rickert, Executive Director
Leon Magnum, Program Director


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