Naperville Astronomical Association (NAA)

The Naperville Astronomical Association (N.A.A.) is a non-profit astronomy club with a membership of over two-hundred individuals and families. The club has always attracted members with a wide variety of experience, including seasoned amateurs, but strives to create an interesting and educational environment for the beginning astronomer of any age.

The Naperville Astronomical Association holds regular monthly meetings, which feature a presentation on some aspect of astronomy. The wide-ranging topics include current astronomical research, observing techniques and projects, history, telescope making, and more. Speakers include members of the N.A.A. and other amateurs, educators, and professional astronomers. These meetings are open to the public and free of charge; attending them is a great way to get introduced to the club, meet some members, and join if you like.

The N.A.A. also hosts a second monthly presentation, called the Astronomy Fundamentals Program. Each month, a member with expertise in a certain area of amateur astronomy gives a talk aimed to deliver basic, fundamental information to members and guests who may just be beginning to study that particular subject. Topics covered include many aspects of observational astronomy, telescope use, and the science of astronomy.

The N.A.A. owns and operates two observatories, located on City of Naperville land on the south side of Naperville which are open to members of the club.

In addition to member activities, the club hosts a number of community events throughout the year. These are open to the public and free of charge. Anyone with some interest in what’s up there in the sky can attend one of the public events. It’s a great way to explore that interest without having to go out and buy your own expensive equipment!

For more information about membership and/or the club’s events, click HERE.

For more on their observatories, watch this story from Naperville News 17.

Spotlight Guests:

Eric Claeys, Media Relations Officer
Susan Wilson, Member

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