I Support Community

I Support Community’s mission is to develop kids with character inside and out. The organization believes individuals with a foundation in character and volunteerism will make a better future for everyone.

The Inside Out Club educates individuals starting at age three on the issues in their community, the charities addressing those issues, and provides a way for them to help. Through this education individuals learn empathy, compassion and gain a broader perspective of their community. They become ambassadors for local charities and are empowered through the knowledge and experiences gained through this program.

I Support Community creates charitable experiences where individuals connect emotionally to a cause or organization and can relate that information to their own lives. This connection inspires them to get involved.

Through partnerships with organizations such as The DuPage Medical Group Charitable Fund’s KidsCare program, The Inside Out Club has experienced dramatic growth over the past two years and can now be accessed in schools, on the weekend, and on-line.

To learn more about how the club educates kids, visit their website at: https://www.isupportcommunity.org/

Spotlight Guests:

Marion Ruthig, Founder & Executive Director, I Support Community
Peri Todd, Director of Clinical Research, DuPage Medical Group

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