DuPagePads believes the answer to ending homelessness is housing coupled with support services and employment. Their goal is to move clients from a pad on the floor to a key in the door.

Founded in 1985, DuPagePads is the largest provider of interim and permanent housing. They provides vital support services to enable the individuals they work with to receive case management and life coaching, employment support such as GED courses and job coaching, as well as engagement with employers—effectively stopping the cycle of homelessness.

Part of their program to end homelessness is their Street Outreach Program. DuPagePads outreach team responds to concerns about people experiencing homelessness from police departments, businesses, community-based organizations and concerned citizens.

They ask the community to report any unsheltered homeless individuals or families observed in DuPage County, to their toll-free Outreach Hotline number, 866.682.3846, ext. 2275.

With this information, Street Outreach case managers travel throughout the county to build trusting relationships with families and individuals who are homeless, without hope and disengaged from the community and social service agencies.

They bring life-sustaining, basic need supplies like food, hygiene kits and clothing like socks and then begin to try to establish a relationship with the person. They try to get them talking about their current challenges to see if they can help them access all eligible benefits, refer them to other community programs and provide them options for housing.

To learn more about DuPagePads, visit: https://dupagepads.org/

Spotlight Guests:

Carol Simler, President & CEO
Will Salmon, Director, Interim Housing

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