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November 30, 2021

Basic Dignities

Basic Dignities believes every person deserves a solid basis upon which to build their life. So they leverage their team skills in engineering, project management, fundraising, and more to help communities both nationally and internationally, where access to clean water, education, health care, and more are insufficient for the wellbeing of the community. They complete projects improving access to food, shelter, clean water, education, clothing, shelter, and healthcare.

What does Basic Dignities do?

They identify and undertake one significant project at a time to provide a sustainable, self-managed system to address one or more of these “Basic Dignities” for communities that are committed to improving the well-being of all their residents. They consistently work in partnership with local leaders and workers with the goal of improving the local economy while introducing a customized, sustainable, and locally-maintainable system to address one or more basic dignity.

Current Projects

The Medical Scholarship Program

They are excited to provide scholarships to young women across Africa pursuing advanced degrees in engineering and medicine. For their medical scholarship program, Basic Dignities is partnering with the Bongolo Hospital School of Nursing in Gabon, Africa to help three young women achieve their dreams of becoming nurses.  It is widely regarded as one of the best hospitals in western Africa, and patients come from all over Gabon as well as neighboring countries to be treated. The program is three years long, and all students are required to maintain a 60% or higher to remain in the program. After graduation, all students are offered full-time positions at the hospital.

The Engineering Scholarship Program

Basic Dignities is partnering with Highway Academy to sponsor young women who are interested in studying engineering. The team was first introduced to these women through their work at Wema Children’s Centre in Bungoma, Kenya. These women attended Highway Academy, the school affiliated with Wema. The women have decided they would also like to pursue an education in engineering, which will allow them to help improve their communities after graduation.

The Warm Hearts Foundation Partnership Program

The Warm Hearts Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides a variety of services to people in Malawi and Kenya. Their mission is to provide a loving hand to lift those less fortunate out of poverty and into self-sufficiency by providing clean water sources, safe shelter, nourishment, and educational opportunities. Basic Dignities co-founder, Tricia, was first introduced to the Warm Hearts Foundation when she had the opportunity to participate in a micro-loan project that helped women provide income to their families through improvements in their farming and produce sales. The women used much of their earnings to purchase the uniforms required for their children to attend school. Basic Dignities is partnering with the Warm Hearts Foundation to provide scholarships to graduates of schools established by the Warm Hearts Foundation in Malawi.

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