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NSW Feature // Growing the Game with Fox Valley Lacrosse

We’ve told you a number of times in recent weeks about the growing sport of lacrosse in Illinois. But where does it all start? Well, for youth in the area, it’s with Fox Valley Lacrosse. Nico Haeflinger explains.

Youth and lacrosse, the two are forming a more common pair in the area thanks to the Fox Valley Lacrosse. The club held its 5th annual “Border Wars” lacrosse round-robin.

Nearly 1,000 kids of all ages and from different states got to see first hand just how quickly the sport is growing. The organization prides itself on preparation for the next level of competition. High school coaches are taking notice at the increase in talent coming in.

With the IHSA set to officially recognize lacrosse in 2018, and kids learning the game earlier than ever, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of where the game can go in Illinois.


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