Neuqua Valley vs Benet Academy Girls Golf 9.10.19

Time to put pencil to paper and aim for the lowest score – Neuqua Valley visiting Benet Academy’s home course – River Bend.

2nd Hole

Starting on the second hole, Neuqua’s Lanette Choi measuring her putt – the Wildcat with a long range birdie attempt that…. Just touches the lip of the cup. She grabs a par.

Same green, Choi’s teammate, Sarah Zheng – also going for birdie – but if just curls left. Another NV par.

3rd Hole

3rd hole now – sand shot on tap for Benet’s Reagan Rodenbostel and how about that! Rolls it to within a few feet – she salvages a par en route to a 47.

Opposite side of the green, BA’s Missy Oei putting down hill… and rescues her own par with a fantastic effort. Ends up with a 43, just 7 over par.

Next group coming up to the third – and Neuqua’s Isabella Wu puts the feathery touch on the chip shot. She finishes with a 46.

6th Hole

Sarah Zheng on the 6th tee box, and she takes a hybrid to the par four fairway – going on to par the hole.

Benet’s Olivia Ruffalo aiming a little further left and gets equally impressive results – setting herself up to par the hole, ending up with a 43 for the day.

9th Hole

To the ninth green, and Neuqua’s top golfer, Zheng, places her tee shot on the green – ending with a 45 thanks to a par.

Meanwhile, Oei helps Benet secure the team win – Redwings take it over Neuqua Valley – 181-190.

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