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Naperville Central vs Waubonsie Valley Girls Volleyball 10.3.19

Waubonsie Valley, sitting perfect in conference play welcomes Naperville Central to their courts. The redhawks are on quite a road trip after defeating Neuqua Valley on the wildcats turf.

First Set

We pick up the first set tied at 6s, and Kayla Closset from behind the ten foot line gets a kill and point for central. Just the beginning for the senior.

Tied at 9s and Waubonsie shows they have some tricks up their sleeves as Gabi Croll gets the tip over the net for the Warriors to take the lead.

Central in the lead a little later in the first set and this is a fun rally. After WV throws up a block party, central resets and gets the attempt over. Waubonsie will then go up for a kill but Central with the wall has the ball rolling on the net and finds floor on waubonsie’s side. 17-15 REdhawks.

Central just really loving these close games, up 26-25 and the warriors looking to even it up and cotniue set one but Rianna DeMeyers has too much power and the REdhawks take set one 27-25.

Second Set

Warriors on a 7 to zero run to open up the second set as Central tries to get something on the board. Walden and DeMeyers go up for the block and then Walden gets the quick tip to continue the warriors domination.

Blocking seems to be the name of the game in the second set for WV. This time Trinity Evans and Aryana Ruffin get up at the net to extend the warriors lead 13-2.

Central hanging around though, Hanna Rubino with the soft touch, cutting the warriors lead to 5.

Central inching closer, and who doesn’t love a back set as Kaitlyn Skorwonski gets up for the kill, Redhawks trailing by just 2.

But Warriors manage to reach set point, and Gabi Croll making sure the comeback for the redhawks is over for set two as she gets the kill for WV to take it 25-21.

Third Set

Into the third set, and it’s another close one early. Closset gets her palm on the pall but the warriors are able to wrangle it and then Croll gets another one of her 12 kills on the night, WV leading 9-7.

Game tied at 16s until Caroline Hughes back at the line for Central gets an ace to put the REdhawks in the lead, 17-16.

Game tied at 19s again and this time it’s Waubonsie who grabs the lead after Central sends a trick over on the second touch Elenzie France gets a monster kill that paints the back corner, 20-19.

Warriors, after losing the first set ready to take the win and continue their clean sheet in the conference. Naperville Central still trying to stay alive, down by just one but Melissa Walden gets another one of her 12 kills on the night and ends the third set, 25-23.

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