Naperville Central vs Metea Valley Girls Basketball 1.14.20

We head over to Mustang territory for a DVC clash as Naperville Central is searching for its first conference win while Metea Valley is coming off a one point loss to Streamwood.

First Quarter

5-2 early on and Redhawks looking for more. Katlyn Allen all alone in the corner for the 3 pointer 8-2 Redhawks now.

Central up 10-8 Metea’s Amelia Szczesny hits a 3 pointer. The mustangs go on a 9-2 run to take the lead, 11-10.

Second Quarter

2nd quarter action now. Central’s Lauren Umbright gets the extra 2 points after a missed free throw 17-15 Redhawks.

Back and fourth battle, 20-19 Mustangs now and here comes Umbright this time going coast to coast for the pull up jumper for the redhawks to take the lead. 21-20

2nd quarter winding down and Umbright is at it again left all alone for the lay in 29-24 Central at the Break.

Third Quarter

3rd quarter and the Mustang’s are coming alive once more. Jada Samuels with no hesitation knocks down a 3 pointer 34-28 Hawks .

37-33 Central and Samuels doing it again one dribble and she hits the shot. 8 points for the junior

Fourth Quarter

4th quarter 37-36 Central and 3’s are falling for Metea. this time it’s Paige Buranosky with the triple Metea leads 39-37.

41-40 Metea Valley once more in the lead, but the Mustangs forgot about Gabby Melby. she hits 3 of her 11 points right here 43-41 Central

45-41 Redhawks and Metea is still fighting Amelia Szczensy gets the tough shot to fall making it a two point game, 45-43.

46-43 after a NC free throw. Mustangs trying to tie it up but Katlyn Allen gets the steal drains the clock and Central gets a hard fought road win 46-43.

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