Metea’s Rissa Bajusz Gets Flexible for Play of the Week

Metea’s Rissa Bajusz mans first base and the pitching mound but for this week’s play of the week, she looks like she belong in the gymnastics gym instead, presented by Aurelio’s of Naperville. 

The Play

Girls play of the week and we go back out to the softball diamond with metea Valley. Rissa Bajusz can be seen manning the mound for metea or first base and for this week’s play of the week she makes a pretty impressive defensive move… as in she does the splits to grab the out. She has a smile on her face after all is said and done but we have to imagine she didn’t stretch for the splits before the game… her flexibity and defense moves grabs her this weeks play of the week.

Check out the entire highlight of Metea Valley facing off against Benet!


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