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Metea Valley vs Waubonsie Valley Football 10.18.19

Waubonsie Valley, riding a 5 game losing streak, facing their Eola Road rivals, the Metea Valley Mustangs. The black and gold sit 1 and 6 on the year.

First Quarter

And right off the bat, things get messy. Metea looking to get out of the danger zone and QB Logan Frederick can’t handle the snap and fumbles the ball. Waubonsie’s Elijah Lee covers it and brings it in for the touchdown. WV up 7-0 with under 9 minutes to play in the first.

Little over 5 minutes left in the first and Metea starting to figure things out. Off the snap, Frederick hands the ball off to CJ Wilcox who fights for the 11 yard TD to tie the game up early at 7s.

Game still tied early in the second quarter. Waubonsie’s Ethan Nelson hands the ball off to Antonio Torres who runs in the 5yard touchdown, Warriors once more in the lead 14-7.

Second Quarter

A lot of running in the first half of this game as the mustangs even up the score once more with CJ Wilcox going the distance for 7 yards, Game knotted at 14 a piece with 7 minutes left until half.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this game is going to be high schoring. Still in the second, WV’s Ethan Nelson drops back and throws a 20 yard pass to Elijah Lee who goes another 20 yards to score his second touchdown of the night. 21-14 WV.

Waubonsie again in the redzone with under a minute to play in the half. Bryce Logan gets the hand off this time and falls in for the TD. Waubonsie up by more than a touchdown for the first time tonight, 28-14.

Third Quarter

We move to the third and Waubonsie’s offense really starting to click. Nelson fakes the handoff and decides to take it himself this time, going virtually untouched to find paydirt, 35-14.

Fourth Quarter

Final stanza now and Metea quick to respond. Wilcox runs through the WV defense to score his third touchdown of the night, and the mustangs get the 2 point conversion to keep this game interesting, trailing 35-22.

But Waubonsie’s offense just can’t be stopped. Bryce Logan gets handed the ball and he finds the gap and turns on the jets for the 40 yard run for his second TD of the night, extending the warriors lead 42-22.

Wilcox is looking to keep pace all by himself though. Off the quick snap, he runs in his fourth touchdown of the night and again the mustangs grab the point conversion, 42-30 with 9 minutes left in the game.

But Bryce Logan isn’t phased. He goes untouched past the goal line for his third tuddie of the night, scores now 49-30 WV.

Metea giving it everything they’ve got right to the end as Elijah Wright breaks through the defense and scores the touchdown but that wouldn’t be enough as Waubonsie Valley takes the Eola road title, 49-38.

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