Metea Valley vs. Neuqua Valley Badminton 4.18.19

A young metea valley team heads into Neuqua for a conference badminton match. The Wildcats enter play an undefeated 4-0 on the season.

#2 Doubles

We start first with 2 doubles with Vivian Kok & Vyshnavi Nukasani against Wildcats Katie Braun & Sakshi Rane.

It’s a quick on in the first set until Braun smashes from the back. Neuqua takes the first set 21-14.

Second set and Vivian goes back and forth with both wildcats then chips the bird over the net for the point, Metea forces a third set 21-14.

And in that third set, Kok flips the switch and gets aggressive with some smashes before finally getting the point. Metea wins the third 21-14.

#1 Doubles

One doubles now with Wildcat Helen Zhoa and Gowri Salem against Metea’s Sophia Wang and Vyshnavi Nukasani. Salem smashes on in the first set, taking it easy 21-5.

Second set and Neuqua making it look easy. Zhao flips the bird front in front for the point and the 2nd set victory 21-5.

#4 Singles

We go now to four singles with Neuqua’s Katie Braun against Mahathi Vutukuru. Braun grabs the cross court smash helping her to a two set victory 21-19, 21-11.

#3 Singles

Three singles held a tightly conested match but ends with Neuqua’s Nayoon Lee getting the better of the freshman Vivian Kok from metea 21-14, 21-16.

#2 Singles

Final match, 2 singles with Neuqua’s Helen Zhao against Metea Sophia Wang. Zhoa makes quick work in the first set getting the smash down the line 21-13.

Back and fourth action in the second but Zhao has Wang right where she wants her and finishes it with the smash, helping Neuqua to a big win 13-2.


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