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Metea Valley vs Naperville North Football 10.4.19

Metea Valley, coming off a homecoming loss to DeKalb last week travel to Huskie territory to face off against Naperville North, who celebrates their homecoming this week.

First Quarter

Nothin on the scoreboard in the first… that is until Matt Maschmeier gets his hands on the ball. He finds his lane on the outside and makes a break for it, he grabs the 35 yard touchdown run and puts North up 7-0.

It doesn’t take long for Metea to answer though. With 7 minutes left in the first, CJ Wilcox, another leathal runner gets the ball and goes in for the short touchdown run, tying the game up at 7s.

Three minutes left in the first quarter and Maschmeier is at it again. Gabrione throws the screen out to number 1 and he again, turns on the jets. His second touchdown of the night at north leads once more 14-7.

Second Quarter

Under nine minutes to play in the second stanza, metea pushing to even up the score again… and when I saw pushing, I mean it. Wilcox really putting in the work and barrels his way to the goal line to set up the mustangs.

And not even a minute later, Wilcox dives into the endzone for the touchdown, evening up the score in the second at 14s.

Five minutes left until the break and it’s not just Wilcox doing work for metea. Ryan Bingham blocks a pass in the red zone that stops north from pulling in to the lead.

On the next play, mustang defense at it again, Wilcox sacks Gabrione on 4th down resulting in a turnover. We go into intermission locked at 14 a piece.

Third Quarter

But coming out of the break, north starts connecting again. Gabrione rolls out and throws a beautiful pass to Stphan Williams for the deep touchdown. Huskies lead 20-14 after missing the PAT.

Metea responds pretty quickly though, marching their way down the field and then Wilcox barreling in for another TD… if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it as Metea takes the lead 21-20.

It’s just a back and fourth battle now as North, knocking on the doorstep with 3 minutes left in the third. Gabrione makes the short pass to Maschmeier for the touchdown as the Huskies go up once more, 26-21 after missing the 2 point conversion.

Fourth Quarter

Start of the fourth quarter and Frederic’s pass is picked off and then brought all the way back for a touchdown by Connor Corrigan of North… 77 yards as North goes up by two scores for the first time in the game, 33-21.

The final stanza is where north really starts to shine… 2 and a half minutes to play and Gabrione connects with Maschmeier again, are we surprised? A deep pass and then a nice recovery for the touchdown, 39-21 Huskies. The orange and blue would grab the two point conversion as well to seal their second DVC win 41-21 over Metea Valley.

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