Metea Valley vs Geneva Boys Basketball 3.4.20

Calling all captains and coaches it’s time for a Regional Semi Final. Metea Valley comes in as the 12 seed taking on Geneva who looks for revenge on the Mustangs after losing by 4 back in January.

First Half

Metea down by 1 as Myles Leavey uses a nice floater to give the Mustangs a 4-3 Lead in the first.

Vikings want to make some on their home court and this 3-point basket by Mason Mascari will do the trick 10-8 Geneva

2nd and Kymari McBride is right there on the wing as he gets the 3 pointer to fall tying the game at 13.

Second Half

3rd quarter and 3’s are becoming a theme as Ethan Tai is right there just at the top of the key to sink the 3 16-15 Mustangs.

Geneva’s Josh Preston puts on some moves and Houston we have lift off Vikings take the lead 19-18.

Next trip and this time Preston serves the ball only for his teammate Chris Suger the sink the 3 ball 22-21 Vikings.

26-21 Vikings and here comes the Mustangs as Will Hopkins pulls up and knocks down the 3 Metea down by 2.

4th quarter and here’s Myles Leavy from NBA Range number 2 ties things up at 29.

Metea trying to take the lead, Hopkins shots is no good and here’s Preston who bounces a nice bounce pass for Drew Johnson to lay it in 33-29 Vikings.

Metea not done yet as Leavy passes it Kymari who sinks the 3 pointer as Metea Valley trails 35-32. 10 points for McBride.

However in the end Geneva took control as Preston hits this basket to go a long with 21 points and on way to a 46-32 victory over Metea. They will play Wheaton South in the Semi finals.

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