Metea Valley Boys Diving Sectional 2.22.20

Metea Valley Boy’s Diving sectionals are here – and our local divers are relaxed, even with a trip to state on the line. Find out which athletes punch their tickets to the meet in Evanston.

Metea Valley Boy’s Diving Sectional

Opening diver is Joseph Sciabica – who performas a one and one half summersalt pike – he finishes with 306 total points – good for 4th in the meet.

Next to Waubonsie’s Zach Browning. The diver collects himself before a simple but pretty backward one somersault straight – he would go on to finish 6th with 298 points.

We get our first look at Cole McBride… the Naperville North diver just warming up in the early rounds – a one and one half somersault tuck. You’ll see him again.

Next to Naperville Central’s top diver – Chase Coudreaut. And while this is one of the less-fancy dives you’ll see, he pulls it off, entering the water clean – and to a 313 final tally – and a third place finish.

Pressing on, we find Sam Petasnick on the board from Oswego. And he performs the same dive as Coudreaut – and winds up in second place overall.

The top scorer is McBride – I told you we’d see him again. He ramps up for the two and a half somersault talk that earns him the meet’s high score… he finishes with 389 points and the sectional title.

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