September 20, 2020

Lei Sisters Leave Their Mark on Community; Off the Field

The Lei sisters from the Naperville North girls golf team, used the extra time during quarantine to showcase their entrepreneurial abilities. They’re the focus of this Off the Field, presented by Molly Maid of the Aurora Naperville Area.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit over six months ago and in person schooling and high school athletics were shutdown, people had to look for silver linings to help them through a difficult time.

Cecilia and Erica Lei, a pair of sisters on the Naperville North girls golf team, used the extra time during quarantine to showcase their entrepreneurial abilities.

Thus began, CericaDesignsCo, an ETSY shop for handmade, eco-friendly stickers. While Cecilia, a senior this year, came up with the initial idea, younger sister Erica soon joined the project.

CericaDesigns has now sold over 2,000 sticker packs on ETSY despite the fact that the initial reach of the business did not stretch very far.

While this new venture offered an opportunity for the Lei sisters to express their creativity and make some money, they wanted to give back as well. 20% of all profits go to the Save the Children organization. There is also a Black Lives Matter sticker, which donates 100% of its profits to charity.

Right now there is plenty to keep this sibling duo busy with the school year under way and orders to ship out, but being members of the Huskie girls golf team is a welcome addition to their daily activities.

While the first few months of business can certainly be considered a success, there are even broader goals on the horizon for CericaDesigns.

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