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Girls Lacrosse Sectional Final St. Charles Co-Op vs. Benet Academy 06.11.21

Fresh off a 23-11 victory in the semifinal, Benet girls lacrosse looks to capture their first ever sectional championship. Standing in their way of the sectional crown is the 12-1 St. Charles Co-Op Fighting Saints.

1st Half

Not even two minutes into the action Margaret Snyder gets the pass from Karly Keating and tosses it in the net for their first score of the game.

Just moments later, Snyder has a free shot and capitalizes with her second goal, giving her team a 2-0 lead.

After a penalty, Madi Strong from St. Charles gets a clean look at the net and scores her teams first goal.

Coming from behind the net, Karly Keating is able sneak by the defender and sling a shot into the net to makes it 3-1 BA.

A minute later, Katelyn Olson attacks from behind the net as well and cuts the Redwing lead in half, 4-2.

Redwings back on offense, Keating finds Shannon Early in the middle for the goal. Such a dynamic offense from the red and black.

Seconds later, Early does it herself as she jukes by her defender and sends it into the net for her second goal.

Now up 6-3, Snyder penetrates and kicks to Keating near the net for the easy score and a 7-3 advantage.

Trying to stop the bleeding, Madi Strong spins by a defender and fires one into the net to keep St. Charles within striking distance.

Two minutes later, Katelyn Olson steps back a sends a missile into the back of the net. Saints now trail by just three as halftime approaches.

4 minutes to go in the half, Snyder cuts inside, gets the pass and scores her 3rd goal of the day to make it 9-5. Redwings take that lead into the half.

2nd Half

St. Charles comes out hot in the second, Sami Balara finds Olson near the net for the goal to make it 9-6 with plenty of time remaining.

Not even a minute later, Dagny Tombaugh finds a open area by the net, gets the pass and the score put the Benet lead back at 4.

All night, the Redwings relied on Madeline Jensen’s defense, she snags this shot attempt from Gabriella Duffin to keep St. Charles off the board. The offense for both teams plays at a much slower pace in the second half.

Benet’s defense holds up in the second half and they capture their first sectional championship with an 11-7 win over St. Charles.

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