Girls Diving Metea Valley Sectional 10.24.20

Metea Valley hosts the IHSA girls diving sectional meet this year, which includes divers from Waubonsie, West Aurora, Neuqua, Naperville North, Naperville Central, Plainfield, and Oswego. Keep in mind there is no State meet this year due to the pandemic so this will be the biggest meet of the season.

Up first to the board is Plainfield’s Amanda Spangler performing an inward pike, receiving a score of 35 from the judges. Spangler finishes the meet in 3rd

Next up is Central’s Abby Wood performing an inward pike for a score of 31.5, she winds up in 7th.

Next up is Wood’s teammate, Fiona Stephens, who is also doing an inward dive pike and receiving a score of 28.

Here is Plainfield’s Logan Selsky performing a reverse dive pike and getting a score of 30 from the judges.

Up next is NVs Payten Orlow. This is an inward pike for a score of 32.5. Orlow finishes the meet in 2nd place, recording a personal best of 375.45.

Riley O’Brian from Oswego is on the board and doing a 1 and ½ somersault pike and getting a score of 30. She finishes in 4th.

Jane Riehs

Up to the board for the first time is 2019 state champion Jane Riehs performing an inward pike and getting the best score on the night of a 38.5 from the judges.

Next up is the lone Warrior in meet, Lexi Schiro doing a one and one half ss 1 and one half twist free — getting a score of 25.5.

Naperville North’s first diver to the board is Irene Egbers doing a one and one half ss 1 and one half twist free getting a score of 28 from the judges.

Next up for Oswego is Amelia Soriaga doing a forward 1 ½ somersault pike getting a score of 28. She ends up in 5th.

Metea Valley Diving

Metea’s first diver to the board is Emily Thompson doing a forward one and one half somersualt pike getting a score of 28.5. She finishes 8th.

Another Huskie up to the board, Eliana Hepburn performing an inward dive pike getting a score of 30.5 She finishes 9th.

Metea’s 2nd diver up to the board is Callie Karsten doing backward somersault tuck getting a score of 23.5.

Representing West Aurora is Grace Weisse doing an inward dive pike, getting a score of 29.

Finishing off the meet is Neuqua’s Jane Reihs performing a 1 ½ ss ½ twist free getting a score of 36.5 and…. The right to call herself the Sectional Champion.

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