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Football Naperville North vs. DeKalb 09.24.21

Naperville North football goes on the road against DeKalb where the Huskies torch the Barbs. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

The Naperville North Huskies head for a visit to DeKalb looking to get back in the win column.

DeKalb was honoring their seniors and celebrating salute to service night…plus students decked out in flannel and cowboy hats hoping they could it make it a wild West trip for their visitors.

1st Quarter

On the game’s opening drive and facing third and long, North quarterback Aidan Gray finds space to scramble and picks up the first down, weaving his way through the entire DeKalb defense.

On the next play, more of the same as Gray powers up the middle on the read option for another Huskies first down.

All that running sets up the passing game and Naperville North football strikes first on this toss from Gray to sophomore Luke Williams. A missed extra point makes it a 6-0 Huskies lead to open the game.

The Barbs come right back with a big pass play of their own, as quarterback Adrien McVicar finds Toriano Tate down the near sideline. The senior receiver able to out-jump the Huskies defender.

After a couple short runs, McVicar finally pushes his way over the goal line to tie the game with both teams scoring on their opening drives. The extra point gave DeKalb a 7-6 lead.

Back on offense for the Huskies and back on the run is Gray, keeping it himself on 4th down in DeKalb territory to keep the drive going and set up another scoring opportunity for Naperville North.

2nd Quarter

After watching McVicar’s QB sneak, Gray said anything you can do I can do better as he also gets a QB-sneak touchdown to take back the lead, and the Huskies wouldn’t give it back.

After recovering a surprise onside kick, Gray goes up top to Luke Williams again, this time for a touchdown as Williams steals the ball away from two Barbs defenders in tight coverage to grow the lead to 19-7.

North’s defense didn’t want to leave the entire show to the offense, as here they bring down McVicar for a sack led by junior linebacker Ryan Anderson.

Once the Huskies get back on offense, Gray continues to have to success, this time dumping one off to Ashton Graham who rattles off a huge gain after the catch to once again put the visitors in prime position.

This time it’s Ethan Robert’s turn, as the senior charges forward and into the end zone to make the lead start to look insurmountable still only in the first half.

3rd Quarter

More good defense from North. They swallow up Talen Tate in the backfield for a loss.

But not to be deterred, here’s McVicar with a huge QB run of his own as he does it all himself to pick up a third and long deep in DeKalb territory.

However, his excitement wouldn’t last for long as later in the drive he is leveled by Matt Murphy who forces a fumble. The ball is scooped up by Andrew Dawson and from there it was full speed ahead for the senior linebacker to run 73 yards in open field for a defensive touchdown and the play of the game.

DeKalb wasn’t going to just roll over, however. Tate with the second of two rushing touchdowns in the third quarter to make it a two-score game and give the home fans something to hang on to.

However, their hopes were dashed quickly as the Huskies pour on more points in the pouring rain. Gray finds Matthew Pasteris in the end zone to cap off a phenomenal offensive performance.

Naperville North goes on the road and gets a big win over DeKalb, 40-21.

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