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Football Metea Valley vs. Waubonsie Valley 09.24.21

Metea Valley football takes on Waubonsie Valley in the Eola Bowl where the Mustangs pick up a decisive win over the Warriors. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Welcome to the Eola Bowl. Metea Valley football travels down the road to take on Waubonsie Valley. Metea coming into this game on a 2-game winning streak while the Warriors suffered a tough loss against Naperville Central last week.

2nd Quarter

We start this game 7 minutes into the second quarter as the ball is on the 43 and Logan Frederick finds John Flynn for the 12-yard gain.

Same drive, it’s 4th and short for the Mustangs. Frederick hands off to Earl Hightower who bullies his way across the line for the touchdown.

30 seconds to go in the 1st half, Waubonsie’s Luke Elsea is in shotgun and he throws it high for Tyler Helbing who leaps and makes a nice grab.

5 seconds left, they’re in the redzone and Elsea quickly fires to Helbing in the end zone for the score. Warriors miss the extra point, though, so the score is 7-6 going into halftime.

3rd Quarter

Second half, Metea on offense and check out this trick play as Oscar Rivera gets a nice chunk of yards and gets pushed out near the 35.

4th down, Mustangs have to settle for the field goal and Vince Wronski nails it from 40 yards out to make it a 10-6 lead.

Metea has it again as Frederick finds a wide-open Jalen Johnson for a big gain.

They’re inside the 20 and how about this play from Logan Frederick. He stiff arms the defender, keeps the play alive, and takes a big shot as he heaves to Johnson for the touchdown. A terrific job by the senior QB. 17-6 Mustangs.

4th Quarter

Into the 4th quarter and once again the ball is in the hands of Frederick who throws a wobbler, but John Flynn comes up with it. He’s down at the 1.

The Mustangs turn the big play into points as Earl Hightower spins his way for his 2nd touchdown of the game to make it 24-6.

Waubonsie just trying to get something going offensively. Elsea makes a great throw to Amir Spikener on the run and he breaks free for the score to cut the deficit to 11.

But, to seal the game, we have a big man making a play as Tivon Burns picks it off after Omotayo Taiwo tips the pass giving Metea the 24-13 win and their 2nd ever victory over Waubonsie.

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