Oswego East vs Metea Valley Girls Volleyball 8.27.19

August 27, 2019
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First game of the year for Metea Valley as they host the Oswego East Wolves. The mustangs hope that their young energy can start their season on the right foot before opening up conference play.

First Set

And that’s exactly what will happen. Opening serve and the mustangs immedtially go to work. After the first kill attempt by Gabriela Zawadzki is dug out, Emily Day gets a chance and finds floor. 1-0 mustangs.

But the Wolves find their footing a few points later as Gabrielle Andrade extends their lead early with an ace.

Mustangs down by four but senior Cora Ondrus, gets a big kill to go… you’ll hear her name again, mustangs down just three now.

Mustangs still down later in the set, junior middle Keira Jannisch shows off her height and skills as she gets up not one but twice at the net keeping the mustangs in the first set.

Mustangs really coming back now thanks to Ondrus… she gets another big kill.. one of 11 on the night for her.

The black and yellow take the lead late in the first set. Annika Altekruse is the one to blame for that as she gets the big block at the net and then the mustangs would take the fist set after the Wolves next kill attempt is offline.

Second Set

Second set and Oswego East looking to get to a third. Abigail Clarke gets the cross court kill to hit off of Ondrus’s heads to extend their lead 5-3.

Later in the second set, metea gets the quick point with Emily Day as the culprit. Mustangs lead 18-17.

Unfortunately, the mustangs wouldn’t be able to close out the second set as the Wolves cracked open the second game late, taking it 25-23.

Third Set

To the third and final set, Oswego East tying the game up early at 8s with Kaley Peck getting the block at the net.

Third set tied again at 16s as the Wolves get the point for the double block at the net… their defense definetly came to play…

But so did Ondrus. Jannisch gets the nod for the first attempt, that gets blocked but next time Cora gets the kill to go to tie the game up at 20s.

The mustangs would then take it from there as a battle at the net starts to take place wth both teams looking for the edge but Annika Alterkuse gets the back court shot that couldn’t be handled for Metea Valley to take the home opener in a three set thriller.

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