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Boys Volleyball Regional Final Metea Valley vs. Hinsdale Central 05.26.22

Hinsdale Central takes on Metea Valley in the boys volleyball regional final where the Red Devils win the regional title. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Time for the boys volleyball regional final where the number seven seed Metea Valley Mustangs take on the number two seed Hinsdale Central Red Devils.

Set One

First set with the game tied at one, Aidan Murphy feeds Laurynas Kanopka for the spike to give the Mustangs the lead.

Murphy looks to set up Kanopka again, but this time, the Red Devil defense is ready as Ethan Du comes up with the block to give them a three-point lead.

Hinsdale Central serving again, Chad Luckinbill is able to return while falling down and Bartosz Chmielewski finishes off the play with the kill to cut the lead to 5-3.

Now Metea serves and Matthew Hughes gives Jakobi Lange a chance to smash. Although, he tries the dip and it works to perfection as the defense can’t get to it.

This was a very competitive first set as both teams traded punches and big plays at the net. This is one of them as Chmielewski denies Jack Ruth to make it 14-12 Devils.

Watch this play from the Mustangs. Libero Zobie Amgaabaatar dives to the floor to keep the ball in the air. Jakobi Lange then comes flying in to tip it over the net, but Marco Palczynski lays out to get a hand on it, and Chmielewski caps off the point. They’re all fired up after that wild sequence.

Although, Hinsdale Central has a response as Emmanuel Jurineack smashes it to the floor. They’re up 17-15.

The Red Devils finish the set with libero Nicholas Kujalowicz setting up Jakobi Lange who winds up for this kill. They win a thrilling first set 27-25.

Set Two

To the second set, the Devils look for another spike from Lange, but Chad Luckinbill stands tall and rejects the attempt.

Hinsdale Central has a ton of height and size, which of course played a factor in this pivotal game. On this play, Emmanuel Jurineack meets Robert Stewart at the summit to make it 5-4 MV.

Aidan Murphy passes to Bartosz Chmielewski who’s blocked initially, but they get another chance and Murphy does it himself as the ball just stays inbounds.

But, as usual, the Devils answer back with Jurineack absolutely demolishing this ball to the court. Good luck stopping that. They trail by two.

It’s down to the wire again in set two as Matthew Hughes gives it up to Jack Ruth, but Chmielewski has other ideas. He puts his hand down afterwards telling his opponent they’re too small.

However, the Devils prove to be too big in this one. Chmielewski’s spike attempt hits the net, and Hinsdale Central wins the regional title in two sets. They head to the sectional semifinals to face Lyons Township while it’s the end of the line for Metea Valley.

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