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Boys Volleyball Naperville North vs. Metea Valley 05.17.22

Metea Valley boys volleyball hosts Naperville North in a DVC matchup where the Mustangs win the conference title. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Last week of the regular season for boys volleyball with Naperville North visiting Metea Valley. The Huskies are still in contention for the DVC title, while the host Mustangs can clinch a share of the conference crown with a win.

Set One

Naperville North serving in the first set, Chad Luckinbill digs it out and a heads up play from senior Aidan Murphy who flips the no-look return over for the point. Metea leads early 8-3.

Another Huskie serve, Aidan Murphy this time sets up junior Robert Stewart who gets way up for this kill that slams down to the floor. Another point for the Mustangs.

Noah Hrubesky serving for North, this time Murphy sets up fellow senior Laurynas Konopka for another kill. Metea up 19-13.

The Mustangs service return has been on point throughout the opening set. Luckinbill to Murphy to Bartosz Chmielewski for the kill. Metea takes set one 25-15.

Set Two

Naperville North tries to regroup in the second set. After the Mustangs send a free ball over, Leo Ainger with a bump to Ermuun Batchuluun who sets up Britten Beallis. Impressive kill from the senior who gets plenty of power despite hanging in the air with the delayed attempt.

Sidh Dhiyogi serving for Metea and speaking of hangtime, check out this kill from Robert Stewart. The timing is just a little off but the athleticism of Stewart makes it no problem. 10-5 Mustangs.

The next point, the Huskies get a nice play from freshman Ermuun Bathculuun who quickly flips a return over to catch Metea by surprise. North down 10-6.

Metea serving again, Leo Ainger comes flying in for the dig but it goes over, that allows Chad Luckinbill and Aidan Murphy to play a two-man game that ends with a Luckinbill kill.

The Huskies trying to stay in this second set. The Mustangs try to set up a kill, but North gets the block as Nate Montanari is there to help form a wall.

Zobie Amgaabaatar, the Mustang libero, gets an ace as Metea begins to pull away. The Huskies caught in between two players there as the black and gold can sense the victory.

But this one is not over yet. Manny Matel-Sanchez gets up for this kill. His power is tough to block as you can see here. Huskies still with a chance.

Britten Beallis serving for North, the Mustangs are ready with a return. Murphy sets it back to Marco Palczynski who slams it down. For the first time in program history, Metea Valley boys volleyball has won a conference championship! The Mustangs can win the DVC outright with a win over Naperville Central later this week.

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