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Benet Academy vs Marist Girls Volleyball 9.21.19

Benet Academy and Marist… two schools who are no strangers to the championship game at the Wheaton Classic… Marist has beaten the Redwings the last two times in this exact game… but BA comes in to this one undefeated, and looking to keep it that way. Marist also is the defending state champs after defeating Benet in the Semifinals.

First Set

The Redhawks already up 6-2 in the first set… Benet tries to get tricky with the tip but Marist comes back with a monster kill from Kamryn Hannah, 7-2 Marist.

Little bit of a crazy rally a few points later, Marist goes for the tip and Benet sends it right back over but BA throws a block party with Ann Marie Remmes for the point. Wings trailing 11-8.

All about the quick moves in this match, Marist still leads but Sophia Gregus cuts in to it with a, wings down 3.

Benet still fighting to stay alive in the first, and Gregus at it again, monster kill for the wings who trail by just 2.

But the Redhawks would take the first set as Camryn Hannah finishes it off with another kill, 25-22.

Second Set

Second set and benet in control all ready. Remmes gets the nod in the middle for the kill. Wings up 7-5.

Set 2 all knotted at 19s, until Gregus gets her palm on the ball for on of her 10 kills on the night to bush Benet back in control.

The wings trying to seal the deal and push to a third set but the hawks have other plans. They deny Colleen McGuire of a kill with the block to tie the game at 22s.

Benet down one, 25-24, and Kyla Kenney goes for the kill. Deinied but Hattie Monson with the quick reaction gives Kenney another chance and she gets the point to tie the game at 25.

Benet up 28-27 and they want that third set. Remmes and Musienga team up at the net for the defensive block to give the Redwings want they want. A second set win, 29-27.

Third Set

Into the third set we go, and the wings all ready leading by 1, make that two as Sam Buckley gets the quick point.

These two teams really giving it all they got as some rallys show off their defensive skills… After Benet forced to shuffle around Marist takes advantage and Maddie Arundel gets the kill to put the hawks in the lead.

Marist still in the lead, but Benet Academy is clawing their way back as Kyla Kenney gets the unconventional kill. Wins trailing by 3.

But not for long, after Benet gets the block and forces Marist to send a free ball over, Musienga sets up Remmes to tie the game at 22.

Match point for Benet and they are doing all that they can to end it quick. Marist goes for the attack and Monson watches it go out as Benet stays undefeated and takes the Wheaton Classic title for the first time since 2015.

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