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Benet Academy vs Loyola Academy Football 10.12.19

With their playoff spot in tow, Benet Academy travels up North to face off against the 2018 8A state champs, the Loyola Ramblers who sit 4-2 on the year.

First Quarter

Opening drive for Loyola and running back Vaugh Oemberton breaks some tackles and then breaks free for a big gain, grabbing a first down and setting the ramblers up early.

The ramblers in the red zone now and pemberton caps off his big drive by finding the end zone from 5 yards out to put Loyola up 7-0 in the first quarter.

Still in the first quarter and the Ramblers have the ball again… and Pemberton is at it again. In at wildcat he picks up another big 1st down while the benet defense is having trouble bringing him down.

And what do you know, Pemberton is just unstoppable in the first quarter. He barrels in for his second touchdown of the day as Loyola goes up 14-0.

Before the first quarter is over, Loyola would get another touchdown. QB JJ Thomas looks for Matthew Mangan in the end zone, takes to the air, and suddenly Loyola leads 22-0.

Second Quarter

Benet starts connecting in the second quarter. QB Collin Gillespie finds Augie Mazza for a big first down but unfortunately, they would turn the ball over a few plays later.

Still in the second quarter and Loyola going for the punt… or are they? Nate Van Zelst decides to keep the ball and run for the first down setting up Loyola with another first down.

Ramblers again at first and goal. Thomas takes the snap and again finds Mangan in the end zone for his second touchdown of the day… By the time the second quarter ends, Loyola walks in to the locker room leading 36-0.

Third Quarter

In to the third quarter and the wings look to get something started again. Gillespie showing off his legs, zipping up the middle and gets the 1st and ten.

Midway through the third quarter and Gillespie throws a short quick one over the middle to Jacob Snell who snags the ball one handed to get the redwings on the board, trailing 36-7.

Benet will the ball again in the third quarter. Gillespie calling up Lucas Kosiba’s number and he’s on the other end, coming down with the first down.

Fourth Quarter

And that’s not all Kosiba will do. Gillespie connects with him again, this time just over the goal line. Benet now trailing 39-14.

But Loyola would just be too much on this Saturday afternoon game… as Thomas rolls out and finds Owen boos for the long TD and the dagger in the game. Benet Academy gets handed their first loss on the season, 46-14.

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