Naperville 203’s Early Childhood Programs

Naperville 203Superintendent Dan Bridges discusses Naperville 203’s early childhood programs including full-day preschool classes and the district’s birth to three outreach with A.J. McCree, Principal at Ann Reid Early Childhood Center and Peggy Kiefer, a Parent Educator for Early Learning Programs.

This year two full-day preschool classes at District elementary schools opened which allowed for more program access for students. The District also continues to expand its birth to three outreach to support parents in our community, as well as collaboration with local organizations to support reaching all students in the community.

The District’s Mission is to educate students to be self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, quality producers and community contributors.

For more information, visit the District’s website at

School Scene Guests:
A.J. McCree, Principal, Ann Reid Early Childhood Center
Peggy Kiefer, Parent Educator

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